Sundered Skies

Session 3 - The Cure

Wherin the Heroes find a potential weapon to use against the Glowmad.

The heroes had just experienced a bitter sweet victory. They rescued Joseth Truthbearer, but Bomrin the Glowborn had died in the battle. The heroes took Joseth Truthbearer, unconscious and badly wounded, to the ship for medical attention. They then gave Bomrin a funeral, sending his body to the skies.

The heroes were sullen, but realized they had to press onward. They decided to follow the lead they had gain from the man they found in the island hopper. Brunar attuned the soil from the man’s clothes to the ship’s waysphere and headed to the unknown destination. The destination was revealed to be a temple on a small island. Having lost a crew member inside a make shift temple earlier in the week, the crew was wary but docked at the island. Brunar, Harn, Stryx, and Jasmine ventured onto the island.

As they headed toward the temple, they were attacked head on by a pack of glowmad called Ragers. The heroes defeated the Ragers and made their way to the temple. Inside the temple they found a member of the Heralds of Light, commonly known as Voiders. This groups worships Lightbringer and wishes to bring glowmadness to the people of the skies. Under his control was and ogre and another pack of Ragers. Next to the Voider was a ceremonial bowl upon a podium.

The ogre released the ragers on the heroes. One of the Ragers attacked the Voider. In a panic, the Voider grabbed the bowl and tossed a strange looking water onto the rager. Surprisingly, the rager exploded. The heroes fought hard and slayed the ragers. The ogre entered the fray along with the Voider who attempted to inflict glowmadness on the heroes with his magic. Stryx ran up and grabbed the bowl, and splashed the ogre, causing it to explode. The insane Voider fought to the end, but stood no chance by himself. Some heroes who had symptoms of glowmadness splashed the water on themselves and were healed. Whatever this water was, it would valuable to the skies. They filled water skins with the last of it and decided to give the water to magic and religious analysts to see if they could replicate this water.

Back on the ship, Joseth had regained consciousness. Grateful for saving his life, he told the heroes he would do anything he could for them. They asked him about the cure, which he had no knowledge of. They then asked him about the artifacts. He did not know anything about most of the artifacts, but the fuel that burned in the Queen’s barge, Joseth knew could be only one thing. They needed the fuel that powered the leader of the Bright Cabal’s ship. The ship Soulflame, commanded by the Bone Queen. Joseth said he had a plan to get them on board. The heroes felt they were not ready for this task however, and decided instead to deliver their samples of the special water to the Athenaeum, the wizard school in Shadowhaven, and to the Dwarves of Deepsky. Joseth said he understood, and if they ever came back and wanted to try his plan, or needed anything else at all, he would be there to help. They took Joseth back to his ship and together they sailed back to Gateway.



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