Sundered Skies

Session 4 - Despair!

Wherin the Heroes must save an island undersiege by a supernatural force.

The heroes leave Gateway and set sail for Shadowhaven, in order to deliver a sample of special water to the Athenaeum for analysis. This water they recovered from a Voider, which has the power to destroy glowmad and heal glowmadness. The heroes believe that if this water can be reproduced, than it could be of great use to the people of the skies. Before they left, Marrid revealed that he hired a new crew member, The Orc with No Name, a Warpriest and worshiper of the Battlelord.

Early in the voyage, the heroes are attacked by a glimmerwing swarm. But thanks to a load of grapeshot and skillful shooting by Captain Brunar, the swarm was killed before they could assault the ship.

Later in the voyage, the crew came across a minor island. A fire plume enveloped the granaries of the island, and so the heroes decided to dock and help the villager put out the fire. When they docked at the island, known as Paradise, they found to their surprise that no one was coming to fight the fire. Using some of the water available in nearby barns, they put out the fire. After the fire was out, Brunar, Harn, Stryx, Jasmine, and The Orc with No Name investigated the people around the area. The people seemed listless and apathetic to the point that they just laid down and did not move or talk. Going further into the town, they found more people in the same condition, as well as a type of glowmad called Blinded. However, the Blinded were in the same condition as the people. Using his arcane sense, Stryx discovered the people and Blinded were under a supernatural hold, originating from the middle of the island.

After dispatching some of the Blinded, a ghost of a beautiful woman manifested in front of the heroes. She had rope burns and scars on her neck. She attacked the heroes, touching them in an attempt to put them in the same state as the villagers. The heroes were resistant to this attack, and so used it’s power to throw objects and debris at the heroes. The Orc with No Name filled his sword with magic and struck down the ghost. However, the villagers did not rouse from their current state.

The heroes went into the historian’s office in town to see if they could find out what happened. They discovered that a few weeks ago, people were discovered in apathetic states around town. A disease was feared, but as more people were found and the ghost was sighted, they realized it was a supernatural cause. Having no talent in magic, the villagers sent a messenger to Bridgeways to get help, but no one came back. The heroes also discovered that there was a woman named Marthia, who’s husband and children passed away. Unable to handle her grief, she hung herself in her barn at the center of town.

The heroes, armed with this knowledge, decided to stop the hold that the ghost had on the town. However, they decided to scour the island and kill the Blinded, for if the effect ended and the Blinded rose up, the villagers and themselves would be in danger. Braving hit and run attacks by the ghost, they cleared out the Blinded on the island and then headed to the barn.

The barn was old and empty, save for a rope hanging from a banister. The ghost manifested, the rope around it’s neck. It passed through the rope and attacked the heroes. The Orc with No Name fended off the spirit while Stryx, Brunar, and Harn attempted to cut the rope. Stryx climbed a ladder up to the banister, while Brunar and Harn held it in place. Stryx cut the rope and The Orc with No Name slashed the ghost with magic. The ghost dissipated, then manifested again, this time in a peaceful form, and thanked the heroes for putting it to rest.

The villagers, roused from their apathetic states, and thanked the heroes for their help. Dehydrated and their village damaged, the heroes gave them some food and water to help them along in their rebuilding process. They then continued to Shadowhaven.

During the final stretch of the journey, the crew’s ship was infested by void holes, two dimensional, semi-sentient pockets of shadow that infect crews with glowmadness. The heroes, attacked by the Void Hole’s pulse, found the hole. With a combined effort by Jasmine and The Orc with No Name, they exorcized the hole from the ship.

The heroes finally made it to Shadowhaven. Harn sold goods for the crew, while Stryx and Brunar tried their luck in some gladiator fights. Stryx was pitted against an Ice Elemental and defeated. Luckily for him, the fights are to first blood. Brunar faced an Elf who was a member of the Oakthorn mercenary group. He defeated the Elf, and won prize money. After a week of business and rest, the heroes made their way to the Athenaeum.



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