Joseth Truthbearer


Joseth Truthbearer lives on Gateway, and spends most of his time either in God’s Parade or sailing the Shattered City in his boat, The Forgotten Purpose.

Joseth worships The Rotting One, but believes she is misunderstood by the people of the skies and is in fact, a goddess of love. Because of this he also believes that The Bright Cabal is twisting the image of The Rotting One, and so often explores The Shattered City in order to remove corpses from battlefields and deprive the cabal of new recruits.

The heroes were told by the god Lightbringer to begin their search for the artifacts by finding Joseth in Gateway. ( Session 1 – Scavenger Hunt) The heroes discovered that he was in The Shattered City, and so tracked him down to a make-shift temple in a cavern. Inside they found Joseth being tortured by a necromancer of The Bright Cabal, and his zombie minion. After a fierce battle, which cost one of the heroes his life, they rescued Joseth and brought him back to their ship, so he could rest and heal his wounds. ( Session 2 – The Search for Joseth Truthbearer)

Joseth eventually recovered and the heroes asked him about the artifacts they were tasked to find. Joseth didn’t know much for the most part, but he wagered that the “fuel of the Queen’s barge” had to refer to the fuel powering the Soulflame, the ship commanded by the leader of The Bright Cabal, The Bone Queen. Joseth said he had a plan to get them on board. The heroes however, decided to take their recently discovered glowmadness cure to Shadowhaven. Joseth said that whenever the heroes decided to return to Gateway, he would be there to help them. ( Session 3 – The Cure)

Joseth Truthbearer

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