Richter Daniels


Richter Daniels is a professor at the Athenaeum. In secret he is a member of the Requiem, and the younger brother to Vincent of the Back, one of the four elite assassins in the Requiem, called the four symphonies.

He and his brother kidnapped Samson’s daughter, and forced Samson to put Elven poison into Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink. This plan made Sneparious Thorntongue the initial fall guy, and if this found to be a ruse, then Samson would be arrested. Unfortunately for Richter, the heroes discovered their connection, and that he was a member of the Requiem.

The heroes tracked Richter down to an abandoned warehouse where Richter, Vincent, and other members of the Requiem were holding the girl. The heroes launched a surprise attack, and proceeded to save the girl and slay the Requiem assassins.

Richter Daniels

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