Sneparious Thorntongue


Sneparious Thorntongue is the lone Elven professor at the Athenaeum, a professor of elemental theory. He is not well looked upon by the students of the school, or many of the faculty for that matter. However he is a very powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer, so Endrin keeps him as a professor.

Sneparious has a bitter hatred for Endrin (Glowborn), and they are often arguing with each other. This stems from Sneparious being supportive of the Elven slavery process. Endrin (Glowborn), like all Glowborn, hate slavery which often puts them at odds.

During the faculty dinner party, Endrin (Glowborn) was poisoned with the Elven poison Deathroot. This coupled with their hostile relationship, lead most of the people present to suspect Sneparious. He was arrested by the town militia. He was later cleared when the heroes discovered that he was framed by the Requiem.

Sneparious Thorntongue

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