Vincent of the Back


Vincent Daniels, also known as Vincent of the Back, is a member of the Requiem’s four symphonies, and brother to Richter Daniels. He wears a wide brimmed hat and plays the harmonics. The Requiem had deemed that Endrin’s (Glowborn) song had come to an end, and that he must be killed. And so Vincent was dispatched to kill him.

Vincent contacted his brother, also a member of the Requiem, and together they concocted a plan to kill Endrin (Glowborn). They kidnapped the cook Samson’s daughter. Richter then forced Samson to administer a poison that had been created by Vincent, to Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink.

When the heroes uncovered the truth, they trailed Richter to the warehouse where Vincent was keeping the girl. The heroes launched a surprise attack, and after a fierce battle, saved the girl and killed Vincent and Richter. Although the day was won, with the defeat of one of the four symphonies, the heroes have surely made enemies of the Requiem.

Vincent of the Back

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