Sundered Skies

Session 5 - The Requiem
Wherin the Heroes must prove a man's innocence and uncover an insidious scheme

The Heroes, having arrived to Shadowhaven, go to the Athenaeum in order to have the special water they found ( Session 3 – The Cure) analyzed. Upon arriving they asked to see the headmaster. The headmaster of the school Endrin took the water for preliminary testing. He told the heroes that he would need more time to analyze the substance. Because of the importance of this discovery, he invited the heroes to the bi-monthly faculty dinner. The heroes happily agreed.

At the dinner, the faculty asked the heroes about their exploits and how they came about the water. After these thrilling tales were told, the discussion turned to school policy. The heroes ate quietly as the professors discussed lesson plans, students’ grades and other things. Eventually a heated argument erupted between Endrin (Glowborn) and Sneparious Thorntongue. At the height of the argument, Endrin (Glowborn) started to cough violently, to the point that he coughed up blood. Soon after, vines with thorns shot out of his mouth. He was being effected by Deathroot, an Elven poison. With quick acting, Jasmine applied her medical skill to Endrin (Glowborn) and stopped the poison, but he was still sent to the hospital.

The city militia was called in to investigate. They found no physical evidence, and Sneparious who was well known to hate Endrin (Glowborn) and had motive. Add to the fact that the poison was Elven in origin and Sneparious is an Elf, he was the prime suspect and taken away.

Endrin thought this was too convenient, and the heroes agreed. He asked the heroes to a make an independent investigation and told them they had total access to the school. They questioned students and faculty about Sneparious and found he was not well liked. Harn investigated the kitchen and found a small amount of a green substance in the kitchen. After having the school alchemist analyze it, their suspicions were confirmed, it was Deathroot.

The poison was found at a cook’s station, the cook named Samson. When questioned, Samson denied any knowledge of the poison, and stated that in a school full of sorcerers anyone could have infiltrated the kitchen and lace Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink. The cook who served the drink to Endrin (Glowborn), named Basil, went to drink at a bar called The Hungry Skylar. The heroes decided to go question him.

On the way there, someone shot at the heroes from an abandoned building with a crossbow. Brunar got hit, and was severely wounded. Jasmine applied medical attention to him, while The Orc with No Name threw one of his explosive headbanger skulls into the building. After the explosion, Brunar and Harn rushed into the building. The assailant, disconcerted from the blast, tried to escape but was taken down by Brunar and Harn. They questioned him and found out he was a member of The Requiem, but when they tried to question him he attempted to bite his own tongue. Brunar stopped him and shoved a glove in his mouth.

The militia showed up to investigate the blast. They arrested the Requiem member. The militia told the characters what little they knew about The Requiem, that they were a heretical group of Songpriest assassins who believed that every life was a song and that some of these “songs” must come to an end. They took the assassin away but before they got far another member of the Requiem shot an arrow through the former’s head, silencing him.

The heroes arrived at The Hungry Skylar and found Basil. As he walked home the heroes joined him and asked him about Samson. Basil said he saw Samson speaking frantically with Richter Daniels, one of the professors of the Athenaeum.

The next day, the heroes questioned Richter about the events yesterday and about his relationship with the cooks. He told them he didn’t know them or talk to them that much. This contradicted what Basil said. Harn decided to see if anyone sold Elven poison in the city. He didn’t find anyone who sold poison but he did speak to the number one merchant of Elven potions, Lance Rosebud.

Lance explained that some of the ingredients in Elven potions are also found in poisons. He went on to say that a group of cloaked men, led by a man who had a wide brimmed hat and harmonica, came to him and bought some ingredients many which could easily be used to make a poison.

The heroes returned to the Athenaeum and searched Samson’s room. They found a letter to the cook saying that his daughter had been kidnapped. If he wanted to see her again, he had to follow instructions. The heroes confronted Samson, and he broke down telling the heroes everything. The Requiem had kidnapped his daughter, and Richter Daniels revealed to him that he was a member of The Requiem. He gave Samson the poison and instructed him to put it in Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink. He begged the heroes to save his daughter.

The heroes went to Richter’s office to confront, only to find he had left earlier. After asking around the city, they tracked him to an abandoned warehouse. Stryx did some recon, and found the girl in the warehouse along with Richter, the members of The Requiem, and their leader, the man with the brimmed hat. This man turned out to be Richter’s brother, named Vincent of the Back.

The heroes staged a sneak attack into the warehouse, and battle the assassins. Jasmine, in an act of pure selflessness put herself in harm’s way to protect the girl and got severely injured. She lost consciousness for a time, but her faith and determination helped her regain consciousness to protect the girl. After a hard fought battle, the heroes defeated the assassins. The militia came to take the girl and clean up, and as they did revealed some important information to the heroes. Vincent of the Back was not only a member of The Requiem, but one of four elite assassins in the group who are so infamous that even within a secretive group like The Requiem they have a dark reputation in the skies. These elite four were known as The Four Symphonies. The heroes had reduced that number to three, an act that will surely make them enemies of The Requiem.

With the plot uncovered and The Requiem defeated, all was set right at the Athenaeum. Sneparious was freed from prison, no charges were pressed against Samson and he was reunited with his daughter, and Endrin (Glowborn) was recuperating quite nicely in the hospital. Headmaster Endrin was very grateful to the heroes. The heroes had made a powerful ally in the skies.

Session 4 - Despair!
Wherin the Heroes must save an island undersiege by a supernatural force.

The heroes leave Gateway and set sail for Shadowhaven, in order to deliver a sample of special water to the Athenaeum for analysis. This water they recovered from a Voider, which has the power to destroy glowmad and heal glowmadness. The heroes believe that if this water can be reproduced, than it could be of great use to the people of the skies. Before they left, Marrid revealed that he hired a new crew member, The Orc with No Name, a Warpriest and worshiper of the Battlelord.

Early in the voyage, the heroes are attacked by a glimmerwing swarm. But thanks to a load of grapeshot and skillful shooting by Captain Brunar, the swarm was killed before they could assault the ship.

Later in the voyage, the crew came across a minor island. A fire plume enveloped the granaries of the island, and so the heroes decided to dock and help the villager put out the fire. When they docked at the island, known as Paradise, they found to their surprise that no one was coming to fight the fire. Using some of the water available in nearby barns, they put out the fire. After the fire was out, Brunar, Harn, Stryx, Jasmine, and The Orc with No Name investigated the people around the area. The people seemed listless and apathetic to the point that they just laid down and did not move or talk. Going further into the town, they found more people in the same condition, as well as a type of glowmad called Blinded. However, the Blinded were in the same condition as the people. Using his arcane sense, Stryx discovered the people and Blinded were under a supernatural hold, originating from the middle of the island.

After dispatching some of the Blinded, a ghost of a beautiful woman manifested in front of the heroes. She had rope burns and scars on her neck. She attacked the heroes, touching them in an attempt to put them in the same state as the villagers. The heroes were resistant to this attack, and so used it’s power to throw objects and debris at the heroes. The Orc with No Name filled his sword with magic and struck down the ghost. However, the villagers did not rouse from their current state.

The heroes went into the historian’s office in town to see if they could find out what happened. They discovered that a few weeks ago, people were discovered in apathetic states around town. A disease was feared, but as more people were found and the ghost was sighted, they realized it was a supernatural cause. Having no talent in magic, the villagers sent a messenger to Bridgeways to get help, but no one came back. The heroes also discovered that there was a woman named Marthia, who’s husband and children passed away. Unable to handle her grief, she hung herself in her barn at the center of town.

The heroes, armed with this knowledge, decided to stop the hold that the ghost had on the town. However, they decided to scour the island and kill the Blinded, for if the effect ended and the Blinded rose up, the villagers and themselves would be in danger. Braving hit and run attacks by the ghost, they cleared out the Blinded on the island and then headed to the barn.

The barn was old and empty, save for a rope hanging from a banister. The ghost manifested, the rope around it’s neck. It passed through the rope and attacked the heroes. The Orc with No Name fended off the spirit while Stryx, Brunar, and Harn attempted to cut the rope. Stryx climbed a ladder up to the banister, while Brunar and Harn held it in place. Stryx cut the rope and The Orc with No Name slashed the ghost with magic. The ghost dissipated, then manifested again, this time in a peaceful form, and thanked the heroes for putting it to rest.

The villagers, roused from their apathetic states, and thanked the heroes for their help. Dehydrated and their village damaged, the heroes gave them some food and water to help them along in their rebuilding process. They then continued to Shadowhaven.

During the final stretch of the journey, the crew’s ship was infested by void holes, two dimensional, semi-sentient pockets of shadow that infect crews with glowmadness. The heroes, attacked by the Void Hole’s pulse, found the hole. With a combined effort by Jasmine and The Orc with No Name, they exorcized the hole from the ship.

The heroes finally made it to Shadowhaven. Harn sold goods for the crew, while Stryx and Brunar tried their luck in some gladiator fights. Stryx was pitted against an Ice Elemental and defeated. Luckily for him, the fights are to first blood. Brunar faced an Elf who was a member of the Oakthorn mercenary group. He defeated the Elf, and won prize money. After a week of business and rest, the heroes made their way to the Athenaeum.

Session 3 - The Cure
Wherin the Heroes find a potential weapon to use against the Glowmad.

The heroes had just experienced a bitter sweet victory. They rescued Joseth Truthbearer, but Bomrin the Glowborn had died in the battle. The heroes took Joseth Truthbearer, unconscious and badly wounded, to the ship for medical attention. They then gave Bomrin a funeral, sending his body to the skies.

The heroes were sullen, but realized they had to press onward. They decided to follow the lead they had gain from the man they found in the island hopper. Brunar attuned the soil from the man’s clothes to the ship’s waysphere and headed to the unknown destination. The destination was revealed to be a temple on a small island. Having lost a crew member inside a make shift temple earlier in the week, the crew was wary but docked at the island. Brunar, Harn, Stryx, and Jasmine ventured onto the island.

As they headed toward the temple, they were attacked head on by a pack of glowmad called Ragers. The heroes defeated the Ragers and made their way to the temple. Inside the temple they found a member of the Heralds of Light, commonly known as Voiders. This groups worships Lightbringer and wishes to bring glowmadness to the people of the skies. Under his control was and ogre and another pack of Ragers. Next to the Voider was a ceremonial bowl upon a podium.

The ogre released the ragers on the heroes. One of the Ragers attacked the Voider. In a panic, the Voider grabbed the bowl and tossed a strange looking water onto the rager. Surprisingly, the rager exploded. The heroes fought hard and slayed the ragers. The ogre entered the fray along with the Voider who attempted to inflict glowmadness on the heroes with his magic. Stryx ran up and grabbed the bowl, and splashed the ogre, causing it to explode. The insane Voider fought to the end, but stood no chance by himself. Some heroes who had symptoms of glowmadness splashed the water on themselves and were healed. Whatever this water was, it would valuable to the skies. They filled water skins with the last of it and decided to give the water to magic and religious analysts to see if they could replicate this water.

Back on the ship, Joseth had regained consciousness. Grateful for saving his life, he told the heroes he would do anything he could for them. They asked him about the cure, which he had no knowledge of. They then asked him about the artifacts. He did not know anything about most of the artifacts, but the fuel that burned in the Queen’s barge, Joseth knew could be only one thing. They needed the fuel that powered the leader of the Bright Cabal’s ship. The ship Soulflame, commanded by the Bone Queen. Joseth said he had a plan to get them on board. The heroes felt they were not ready for this task however, and decided instead to deliver their samples of the special water to the Athenaeum, the wizard school in Shadowhaven, and to the Dwarves of Deepsky. Joseth said he understood, and if they ever came back and wanted to try his plan, or needed anything else at all, he would be there to help. They took Joseth back to his ship and together they sailed back to Gateway.

Session 1 - Scavenger Hunt
Wherein the heroes are tasked with the survival of the skies.

Sailing the skies in a Dwarven frigate, are a crew of adventurers looking for fame and fortune. The captain of the ship is Brunar the Bladesmith, a Dwarf. Among his crew is Harn Gemsetter, a Dwarf skilled at negotiation and investigation. Also there is Stryx, a young Drakin Chosen searching for new experiences to aid his journey in becoming a Dragon. Finally there was Bomrin, a Glowborn who had been a hand on the ship before even the current captain had command. Other members of the crew included Marrid Cleftjaw, former Dwarven captain and now adviser and first mate of the ship, Urdin Foulbreath a Dwarven shipmate powerful in strength and stench, the Dwarven Engineer of the ship Gregor the Reliable, Dig the shrew Wilding who in the past was rescued from Elven Shepherds by Marrid, Mathias Cain and Lauren Gaile, a Human detective and sorceress who are both looking for a killer, and finally the Orc Karr Luckfinder, a recent addition to the crew.

The heroes were hired by Thomas Hawke, a merchant from the city of Gateway, to find the remains of his son Allon Hawke, and to return them for a proper burial. He told the heroes that Allon wore black gloves with embroidered hawks on them, to help identify the remains. Sailing the skies in their Dwarven Frigate, after four days they came upon the wreckage of Allon’s ship, The Raven. It has crashed into a tower located on a small island, which caused the tower to collapse around the ship.

The heroes took an island hopper and rowed towards the shore of the islet. As the came closer, they were attacked by Barnacle Apes, who threw rocks at the heroes. The heroes shot two of the apes, causing the rest to retreat.

The heroes scaled the wreckage to the top. Stryx and Harn, almost fell during the climb, but managed to keep a hold of the rope, leaving the rest of the heroes to pull them up. To there horror, it seems the apes had taken the skulls of the crew and piled them into a pyramid.

The heroes made their way into the lower deck. There was a terrible stench in the air that made Stryx sick. He had to retreat outside to fresh air in order to recover. The deck below had been smashed making crude steps down into hold. The heroes made the descent.

The heroes stepped down into the hold of the ship. In here they found that the Barnacle Apes had made their lair. They were led by strange red Barnacle Ape. This ape had hellish red eyes, and claws. The apes attacked, and a long, deadly battle ensued. Harn was nearly killed by one of the apes, but held on to his life. The heroes killed all of the apes except the red ape. Outnumbered, and severely injured, the red ape retreated into another area of the wreckage, away from the heroes.

Harn needed medical treatment badly. However, none of the heroes had medical skills. so they retreated back to the ship. With no skilled healer aboard, the entire crew did what they could, and luckily through trial and error, were able to fix up Harn. They realized they would need to find a healer to join the crew.

After a few days rest, the characters went back into the wreckage. Going back into the hold, they found a crawlspace in the wreckage. They crawled into the space, which lead to a partially collapsed landing. There was a spiral staircase heading down, and with no where else to go, the heroes descended once again.

As they descended, the heroes heard weeping. When they reached the bottom, the horrible smell from earlier appeared again, with more intensity. They saw a large obese creature scratching at the walls. Four decapitated skeletons surrounded the creature. The creature turned to the heroes and bellowed “I WANT TO GO HOME!” and attacked the heroes.

The heroes were horrified as the creature unleashed four tentacles which it used to animate and control the skeletons. The heroes targeted the creature, and after killing it, the skeletons fell to the ground. One of the skeletons wore the gloves described by Thomas Hawke. One of the skeletons also had a special looking charm on it’s wrist. The heroes took the remains of Allon Hawke, the charm, and any salvage they could carry.

Karr Luckfinder saw the charm that the heroes brought aboard. He begged for the charm, even going so far as to offer his share of the pay, but the heroes would not give him the charm. On the way back to Gateway, the crew heard horrific screams from the deck. They found Kar at the center of the ship, the charm floating above him. The charm enveloped Kar in voidglow, and a loud voice that seemed to resonate from the void itself spoke to the heroes.

The voice was the god Lightbringer, the insane god of the void. Lightbringer told the heroes that the charm was devoted to Oceanus, the god Lightbringer was before the world was sundered. He then warned the heroes that the skies were in danger. He told the heroes to seek a set of artifacts. These were the fuel that burned in the Queen’s barge, the armor of Orcbane, Festival’s harp, the hammer of the damned dwarf, and the Raven staff. He said to find them soon, for the shield will fail soon.

Before the heroes could ask what these artifacts were, or about what the shield was, Lightbringer instructed them to find Joseth Truthbearer in Gateway. Lightbringer left, and the voidglow dissipated, leaving and ogre where Karr Luckfinder once stood. He had gone glowmad.

In a display of great skill, the heroes quickly defeated the ogre. They had many questions and few answers. Their only option for guidance was to find Joseth, and they had to return to see Thomas Hawke anyway, so they continued their journey back to Gateway.


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