Dwarves are stocky, rarely over 5 feet tall. They have ruddy skin, dark hair, and long beards. Their life span usually exceeds 250 years, though their birthrate is in decline. All Dwarves worship The Artificer.

Dwarves are masters of technology and are among the finest craftsmen, engineers, and miners. They live in communities called darkhomes, the most famous being Mount Ore. The heart of the Dwarven race however, lives in Deepsky, where King Bloodaxe and his court call home.

Every Dwarf is an expert at their craft, with each Dwarf claiming to be the best. It is not uncommon for competition between rival clans to begin to see who is truly the best. Clan ties are very strong.

The Dwarves have cordial relations with the other races. They have a distrust of the Elves (which is not uncommon) and once in a while conflicts arise over ancient grudges with the Orcs.

Dwarves that become glowmad, turn into Earthbanes.

Game Stats

Clan Trained
Regardless of profession, all Dwarves are taught the craft of their clan. Dwarves begin the game with a free d6 in Knowledge (Craft) skill of their choice.

Low Light Vision
Dwarven eyes are used to the gloom of their darkhomes. They ignore penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.

A clannish people, Dwarves display strong bonds of friendship to other members of their race and those they call friend.

Dwarves have a pace of 5".

Dwarves are stout and tough. They start with a d6 in Vigor instead of a d4.


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