Elves are taller than an average human, over 6’ tall. They are always thin, and usually have brown, black, or green hair, and green tinged skin. Elves are all part plant, and display different plant heritages. Elves can live more than 300 years.

Elves live on Heartland, the largest inhabited island in the skies. They live in environments consisting of forests, and make homes out of the boughs of the trees.

Elves worship the Wild with zealous intensity. (They believe Heartland itself is a manifestation of the Wild.) At the center of the island is a great tree called the Leaflord, and nestled between the roots of the Leaflord, is the fleshforge, where elves create two slave races, the Wildings and Ferals.

The Elves have great military and political power, with that power wielded by the Willow Queen and her court. Under her command are the Oakthorn Mercenary group, who despite being mercenaries only serve the Willow queen.

Elves do not get along with most races as they are very fascist in nature. They do not get along with Wildings as they see them only as property. Glowborn having their origins in slavery when they were goblins, do not like Elves as well. Dwarves and Orcs have ancient rivalries and grudges against Elves. Humans tend not to get along with Elves, but this is not the norm.

Many Elves have turned against their Elven brethern however, and have gained respect from other members of the the other races. For example, the Boughbreakers are a group of Elves seeking to free all Wildings.

Elves that become glowmad, turn into Blightwalkers.

Game Stats

Elves are graceful and agile. They start with a d6 in Agility instead of d4.

All Thumbs
Elves have an inbred dislike of mechanical objects and thus have the All Thumbs Hindrance.

Plant Heritage
Elves are part plant and must pick one of the following heritages:

Bark skin
The Elf’s skin is bark-like, giving +1 armor.

Blood rose
The hands of an elf with this heritage are covered in dormant blood roses, which may bloom and absorb blood from and Incapacitated foe. This process takes ten minutes, kills the victim, and immediately heals one of the Elf’s wounds-however he is uncomfortably bloated and suffers a level of Fatigue for one hour.

Ivy crawl
The Elf’s skin is covered in grasping ivy tendrils that aid climbing attempts. He gains the Wall Walker ability. (See the Savage Worlds rulebook)

Nettle touch
The Elf’s fingers are covered in stingers similar to the barbs found on a nettle. With a successful bare handed touch attack (+2 to Fighting), the target must make a successful Vigor roll or suffer one level of Fatigue-this can lead the victim to become exhausted, but not incapacitated.

The Sweetest perfume surrounds the Elf, improving his Charisma by +2.

The Elf’s skin may shoot out spores in a medium burst template centered on the character. All those caught in the blast must make a Vigor roll or suffer one level of Fatigue. The elf must make a Spirit check or be left Shaken after making a spore attack.

The character’s flesh is covered in thorns. He may make an unarmed melee attack dealing Str+d4 damage and gains +2 on Grapple rolls.

Willow Shadow
An Elf with this heritage casts a weeping willow shadow. Any who spend at least an hour in his company (including the elf himself) gain a +2 on any rolls to resist glowmadness that day.

Plant heritages from the Sundered Skies Companion:

Cactus Spines
Barbed spines burst from the Elf’s skin attacking all those adjacent to her. Roll one Fighting roll and apply the result to all targets. Those successfully stuck take 2d6 damage. Roll the damage separately for each foe. The elf is left Shaken after the attack, unless she succeeds on a Vigor roll at -2.

Chlorophyll Blood
The Elf’s skin is a mottled green and brown. The Elf gains a +4 to Stealth rolls when moving through forested areas.

Forest Reach
The arms of the elf are covered in bark and budding leaves. They are also abnormally long, giving her a natural Reach of 1. This Reach stacks with any Reach gained from any weapon used.

Root Trip
As an action, roots suddenly burst from the Elf’s feet, tripping and obstructing everyone in a small burst template, centered on the character. All those within the area must make an Agility roll or suffer a -2 to all of their actions. Those who critically fail their roll are knocked prone. the Elf can increase the area of effect to a medium burst template, but doing so forces him to make a Vigor roll or become Shaken.

Rotting Scent
Rare carnivorous plants on Heartland give off a stench similar to rotting flesh. Elves with this heritage have the smell of death about them. They suffer a -2 to Charisma, but gain a +4 bonus to intimidation.


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