“The Sundered Skies began when another world died.” – Sundered Skies Setting book.

Many millenia ago, a world faced an unspeakable apocalypse which sundered the world, and tore into many pieces of land, now floating like islands in an endless void, filled with an orange, maddening glow. However the races of the world survived and were able to create some life for themselves in this strange new environment, thanks to the aid of (mostly) benevolent gods.

Now the islands float and orbit around each other, though how and why is unknown. However the islands can (and have) crash into one another, and even just fall into the void, a phenomenon called landfall.

The races created sky ships to travel from island to island in order to enable commerce and trade. Trade is overseen by the Trade Council, who also helps to supply islands with food and water, as well as to prevent war in the skies.

Traveling the skies is not safe however. The never ending glow that fills the skies, which if one is exposed too to long, will go insane and eventually change into a monster, a mockery of the victim’s race. The process is called going glowmad and every inhabitant of the skies, from average citizens to brave adventurers, fear the glow and take measures to protect themselves from it.

And though dangerous as the skies are, a greater threat looms on the horizon…


Sundered Skies JuddX