Islands of the skies

Though there are thousands of islands floating in the skies, there are only a select group of islands big enough to have sway in the politics of the skies, or to at least be known throughout.
This page lists all the islands, and the island pages explain about areas on that island.

Aria – An island that was desolated by a battle between Lightbringer and the Lord of Festival, the half crazed Festival resides here with his muses. The island is also home to the Heralds of Light, known to most people as Voiders.

Bridgeways – A group of smaller islands, connected by bridges. Bridgeways is the home of the Lady of the Winds, and at any time is caressed by soft breezes, or buffeted by powerful winds.

Dragon’s Spine – A long, thin island where the Drakin, and the Dragons they worship, call home.

Firsthome – An island and largest permanent community on the draining sea, Firsthome is home to the first stationary settlement of Orcs, who are usually nomadic. Firsthome is the only port of call for those who want to venture deeper into the Draining Sea.

Freedom Isle – Originally known as Jorvan, Freedom Isle was given to the Glowborn in order to give them their own place to live and build lives for themselves.

Gateway – Gateway is city of thieves, or murderers, of corruption. It is also a place of commerce, as many merchants their compete to make a fortune. Gateway gets it’s name for being the entryway into the Shattered City, an area of unknowable danger and terror.

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Islands of the skies

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