Races of the skies

Drakin A race of small Dragon-like creatures that serve the Dragons. A few special “chosen” Drakin may become dragons themselves.

Dwarves An ancient race in decline, who excel at craftsmanship, engineering, and mining.

Elves An extreme, militant race whose connection with nature is so close that they themselves are part plant. Feared for their military and political power, despised for their use of slaves, there are no less many Elves who have also seen their race for what they are, and fight to change it.

Glowborn The youngest race of the skies, Glowborn are created when Goblins are affected by the voidglow, but do not go glowmad. The Glowborn have the obvious traits that show their origins as Goblins, but are taller, more refined, and have greater intellect.

Humans The most numerous and adaptable of the races, Humans are the best and worst of the other races.

Orcs Once a dangerous and savage race, Orcs strive to reform themselves and atone for their blood filled past. Despite this, they can be (and are) still aggressive and dangerous to those that trespass against them.

Wildings Created by the Elves to be slaves, Wildings are the souls and bodies of animals formed into humanoids. All Wildings that are not slaves, are fugitives who travel the skies cherishing their freedom, for they not have it tomorrow.

Races of the skies

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