Sundered Skies

Session 5 - The Requiem

Wherin the Heroes must prove a man's innocence and uncover an insidious scheme

The Heroes, having arrived to Shadowhaven, go to the Athenaeum in order to have the special water they found ( Session 3 – The Cure) analyzed. Upon arriving they asked to see the headmaster. The headmaster of the school Endrin took the water for preliminary testing. He told the heroes that he would need more time to analyze the substance. Because of the importance of this discovery, he invited the heroes to the bi-monthly faculty dinner. The heroes happily agreed.

At the dinner, the faculty asked the heroes about their exploits and how they came about the water. After these thrilling tales were told, the discussion turned to school policy. The heroes ate quietly as the professors discussed lesson plans, students’ grades and other things. Eventually a heated argument erupted between Endrin (Glowborn) and Sneparious Thorntongue. At the height of the argument, Endrin (Glowborn) started to cough violently, to the point that he coughed up blood. Soon after, vines with thorns shot out of his mouth. He was being effected by Deathroot, an Elven poison. With quick acting, Jasmine applied her medical skill to Endrin (Glowborn) and stopped the poison, but he was still sent to the hospital.

The city militia was called in to investigate. They found no physical evidence, and Sneparious who was well known to hate Endrin (Glowborn) and had motive. Add to the fact that the poison was Elven in origin and Sneparious is an Elf, he was the prime suspect and taken away.

Endrin thought this was too convenient, and the heroes agreed. He asked the heroes to a make an independent investigation and told them they had total access to the school. They questioned students and faculty about Sneparious and found he was not well liked. Harn investigated the kitchen and found a small amount of a green substance in the kitchen. After having the school alchemist analyze it, their suspicions were confirmed, it was Deathroot.

The poison was found at a cook’s station, the cook named Samson. When questioned, Samson denied any knowledge of the poison, and stated that in a school full of sorcerers anyone could have infiltrated the kitchen and lace Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink. The cook who served the drink to Endrin (Glowborn), named Basil, went to drink at a bar called The Hungry Skylar. The heroes decided to go question him.

On the way there, someone shot at the heroes from an abandoned building with a crossbow. Brunar got hit, and was severely wounded. Jasmine applied medical attention to him, while The Orc with No Name threw one of his explosive headbanger skulls into the building. After the explosion, Brunar and Harn rushed into the building. The assailant, disconcerted from the blast, tried to escape but was taken down by Brunar and Harn. They questioned him and found out he was a member of The Requiem, but when they tried to question him he attempted to bite his own tongue. Brunar stopped him and shoved a glove in his mouth.

The militia showed up to investigate the blast. They arrested the Requiem member. The militia told the characters what little they knew about The Requiem, that they were a heretical group of Songpriest assassins who believed that every life was a song and that some of these “songs” must come to an end. They took the assassin away but before they got far another member of the Requiem shot an arrow through the former’s head, silencing him.

The heroes arrived at The Hungry Skylar and found Basil. As he walked home the heroes joined him and asked him about Samson. Basil said he saw Samson speaking frantically with Richter Daniels, one of the professors of the Athenaeum.

The next day, the heroes questioned Richter about the events yesterday and about his relationship with the cooks. He told them he didn’t know them or talk to them that much. This contradicted what Basil said. Harn decided to see if anyone sold Elven poison in the city. He didn’t find anyone who sold poison but he did speak to the number one merchant of Elven potions, Lance Rosebud.

Lance explained that some of the ingredients in Elven potions are also found in poisons. He went on to say that a group of cloaked men, led by a man who had a wide brimmed hat and harmonica, came to him and bought some ingredients many which could easily be used to make a poison.

The heroes returned to the Athenaeum and searched Samson’s room. They found a letter to the cook saying that his daughter had been kidnapped. If he wanted to see her again, he had to follow instructions. The heroes confronted Samson, and he broke down telling the heroes everything. The Requiem had kidnapped his daughter, and Richter Daniels revealed to him that he was a member of The Requiem. He gave Samson the poison and instructed him to put it in Endrin’s (Glowborn) drink. He begged the heroes to save his daughter.

The heroes went to Richter’s office to confront, only to find he had left earlier. After asking around the city, they tracked him to an abandoned warehouse. Stryx did some recon, and found the girl in the warehouse along with Richter, the members of The Requiem, and their leader, the man with the brimmed hat. This man turned out to be Richter’s brother, named Vincent of the Back.

The heroes staged a sneak attack into the warehouse, and battle the assassins. Jasmine, in an act of pure selflessness put herself in harm’s way to protect the girl and got severely injured. She lost consciousness for a time, but her faith and determination helped her regain consciousness to protect the girl. After a hard fought battle, the heroes defeated the assassins. The militia came to take the girl and clean up, and as they did revealed some important information to the heroes. Vincent of the Back was not only a member of The Requiem, but one of four elite assassins in the group who are so infamous that even within a secretive group like The Requiem they have a dark reputation in the skies. These elite four were known as The Four Symphonies. The heroes had reduced that number to three, an act that will surely make them enemies of The Requiem.

With the plot uncovered and The Requiem defeated, all was set right at the Athenaeum. Sneparious was freed from prison, no charges were pressed against Samson and he was reunited with his daughter, and Endrin (Glowborn) was recuperating quite nicely in the hospital. Headmaster Endrin was very grateful to the heroes. The heroes had made a powerful ally in the skies.



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